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The Backstory

Born out of a love of eating, drinking and just general merriment, we created ShowBlock Wines and 2008 was the perfect year to up the fun times. A global financial crisis causing worry, confusion and uncertainty made it something we just had to do. We hoped to make life better as we imagined people sitting down to a delicious meal and sipping on some amazing wines with their loved ones.

Although the wine life was in John’s blood with his father and uncles growing wine grapes in McLaren Vale, he pursued a career in Engineering. In 2008 though, the call was too strong to ignore and so he began making small batches of handcrafted wine under the ShowBlock label from family-owned vineyards. Very garagiste!

Prior to fully immersing herself in ShowBlock Wines, Sarae obsessed over all things natural, organic and healthy (still does!) As a Naturopath, Homoeopath and President of the Organic Federation of Australia (SA), host of a popular radio health segment, author and keynote speaker, her mission was to inspire and empower people to live a healthy, vibrant and joyful life and this philosophy is infused in ShowBlock Wines.

Growing grapes and making wines with minimal intervention and a natural approach to produce clean, high quality, authentic and charismatic wines became our manifesto. You’ll know from the first sip, as the flavours fill your mouth you’ve found wines made for you.

Family Owned 

100% Australian

Mclaren Vale