ShowBlock made a spectacular debut in the 2014 Wine Companion, with high quality wines at yesterday's prices Some will love this wine now, others down the track, but it will always give pleasure. James Halliday

We found ShowBlock and it was like a welcomed family reunion! In short order we got stuck into some serious tasting and discovered some lovely wines. The first one that stood out was their sparkling Shiraz. What a delightful drop. Purchased a couple bottles on the spot to share with friends (yes that good). John and Sarae truly make wine in a style that they like to drink and it shows. These are lovely drinkable wines that are well priced and great value. Wine Walkabout

About Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz: Steve made the comment that it is as if this wine introduces itself to your palate, is very cordial, and then cleans up after itself as it leaves. It’s a deeply coloured wine and the boys quickly noted the plum flavours. It has a very fine mousse (tiny bubbles) giving it a velvety and creamy palate. We really enjoyed this wine and heartily recommend it. The Adelaide Show

Luncheon with the family at the Art Gallery. ShowBlock Merlot was amazing and the food was fantastic. Service by Linda and Andy were very professional and always smiling which is great to see. Great afternoon spent enjoying our Merlot, Thanks to ShowBlock Wines keep them coming. TripAdvisor Australia

When it's time to find a lift for the day, I turn to the ShowBlock Wines Cabernet Sauvignon. I was taken back by the deep almost purple appearance and the subtle bouquet of dark chocolate. There's a great burst of dark and ripe berries that provide a full mouthfeel and with fine tannins this wine has a length that keeps you savouring the last sip to the next. With a price tag of only $28 this is definitely a long term cellar must have. John and Sarae you've kicked one outta the park here! The 3 Winesmen

About the Empty Pocket Cabernet Sauvignon: Deep purple in colour. The nose has pepper and berries. The palate is quite complex; eucalyptus, jalapeno, and cranberry to start. With black cherry, plum and vanilla following up. Rounded out by a beautful chocolate taste. This wine fills the mouth with a lingering finish and excellent tannins. Give this wine some to breathe. Massive value for money here. Very impressed, An outstanding wine. Christos Wine Chronicles