The ShowBlock Wine Story

We'd like to tell you we know exactly how many generations our family has been making wine from grapes they lovingly grew, but let's face it from 600BC to now you kind of lose count. It's true our forefathers watched the Mediterranean sun set over their vineyards. Sounds romantic, but so is watching the Southern Cross appear over our moonlit vines every evening in the heart of South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

Our philosophy in life is simple: take the time to breathe and always have fun. If it's not fun don't do it (get somebody else to do it). Our philosophy in wine is also simple: take the time to let wine breathe and only drink good wine. If it's not good don't drink it (let somebody else drink it). Great wine should be enjoyed with delicious food, the fulfilling company of family and friends and enhance the joy of life.

On our vineyards we grow grapes for flavour, not schedules and make wine for friends, not shareholders. Many scientists out there will be disappointed to learn that we trust in the wonderful perfection that nature offers and don't tamper with things that don't need fixing. After all humans have been making wine successfully for a really, really long time. A natural approach to grape growing and wine making will produce charismatic wines that reflect the terroir and have distinct varietal characteristics. They may not be perfect, or taste the same from vintage to vintage, but every wine we produce will tell it's own unique story. We hope you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.

John and Sarae Adamopoulos